Collab Society is a website dedicated to the advancement of the Arts, Fashion, Technology and Creativity in all forms and facets.

When great creative minds connect, there’s no limit to the progressive heights that can be attained.
COLLAB SOCIETY is focused on covering and dissecting those special collaborations between brands, labels, artists, designers, photographers, writers and any one who chooses to use their innate inventive instincts. We are the first online magazine to take this unique approach to covering culture and art, and the masses are responding.

The script in our logo reads: Create and Collaborate. That’s our creed, motto and Modus Operandus.

Keep your eyes on the Collab Society Movement – it has Global Domination written all over it. Till then, the Daily Operation continues.

Signing Off,
Geo Dexter – Creative Director – CollabSociety.com
Connect: geo@collabsociety.com