Grey Suit X Brown Leather Shoes: Fif gets it right!

Sat, Feb 5, 2011


This dude is a walking marketing campaign – even on the red carpet all suited up, he’s still promoting his new Sleek by 50 Cent wireless headphones. The blatant shilling aside, his stylist gets it right by putting Fiddy in a double-breasted grey suit contrasted perfectly with the brown dress shoes – we might have chosen a different tie, but overall the look is tight. This is a no-brainer combo whenever you’re in a sartorial bind.

pic courtesy of: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


2 Responses to “Grey Suit X Brown Leather Shoes: Fif gets it right!”

  1. tony Says:
    Suit is ill-fitting though!
  2. val Says:
    why’s this suit look soo tight! gosh he can barely breathe

    fiddy que paso?

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