Panda Bear X Surfwear = Liberated China

Fri, Aug 10, 2012


Surf, animals, and apparel – not typically something that pops into your head when you think NYC, right? Well folks, Liberated China is here to change that. Coming to you from a bunch of East Coast surf afficionados is the debut Summer collection of Liberated China, an action sportswear brand for men and women. Featuring men and women’s boardshorts, rashguards, t-shirts, and accessories bearing the mark of a panda with an eye-patch, known as “Genghis,” the brand designs and manufactures clothing with an eye for creating “thoughtwear” — an aesthetic that encompasses style, performance, and fun. Check out these super dope boardshorts, perfect for a lazy day on the beach…Speaking of which, happy weekend! For more info on the brand head to

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