Buckyballs X You: Endless Hours of Aimless Fun @ Work … Perfect!

Fri, Oct 15, 2010


Sometimes the biggest part of holding down a 9-5 job is just showing up and devising inventive ways to make time pass by quicker. For all my work dudes grinding behind the desk all day – we would like to introduce you to Buckyballs. These little magnetic wonder-spheres allow you to flex your creative and architectural skills to make pretty much anything you want. You can also mold them into a giant, quick-moving projectile that’s excellent for hurling at annoying douchebag colleagues who make everyone else look bad by always working too hard. Visit their website today and order a box for yourself.
Thank us later.

2 Responses to “Buckyballs X You: Endless Hours of Aimless Fun @ Work … Perfect!”

  1. Marisol Brison Says:
    I bought these for my kids, they love them!
  2. Harper Renn Says:
    what kind of a name is buckyballs? weird.

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